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Network Developers' unique messaging technology offers a fast, reliable transport that is rapid and secure, yet transparent to firewalls and proxy servers. We can deliver today a messaging platform that enables your BackOffice SQL Server database to gather transactions as quickly as possible from your website in the most cost effective time, even if you only have an intermittent dialup connection. We are approaching and expect to deliver soon real-time updates for permanent WAN connections. Even if you don’t have a WAN or leased-line and only have for example Small Business Server, you’ll be up to date as soon as the modem or ISDN line connects to download your company email, or even if someone on your network reads a web page. If you have NT4 servers you’re probably ready today and won’t even need Windows .Net or any upgrades.

To make the most cost effective use of the minimum call charge on many dial-up telecoms links, our software is able to monitor dial-up network connections and step in whenever it detects an appropriate active connection. After a predetermined interval to allow essential TCP/IP traffic through, the messaging agent then initiates bidirectional transfers with the agent installed on your website. This technology is already in successful use in the insurance industry.

Benefits include:

  • Security
  • Resilience and Reliability
  • Speed
  • Cost minimisation

    Other suitable applications include:

  • Remote sensors and environmental data logging
  • Fleet Vehicle applications such as tracking parcel delivery
  • Point of Sale
  • B2B supply chain


  • “We’re here to develop solutions that are right for your needs today and tomorrow”.

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