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Report Engine

Network Developers offer a report engine that can be used very simply in conjunction with MS SQL server or any COM compatible database.  RTF and HTML letter printing becomes directly available from SQL server applications, in addition to bespoke reports. 

Once installed, setting up merge fields is so simple that the end user can take charge, without the need to employ developers to write document templates.

You may be surprised at the underlying technology that is this product is based upon.  We're sure you'll be even more surprised at it's fantastic performance.

Network Developers harness the power of Microsoft Access reporting without an Access database.  The entire mechanism resides in the database server.  This gives you the ease and convenience of Access reporting, combined with the power of the server.

Benefits include:

  • Elimination of word processor templates
  • Fast Performance
  • End user can be given control
  • Convinience of Access for bespoke reports
  • Easy Licensing

    “We’re here to develop solutions that are right for your needs today and tomorrow”.

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